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Jon Snow, Daenery Targaryen, Tyrion Lannister are my favorite characters (the ohycho who flays people is my favorite villian).I think Daenery will take it all, it's hard to bet against the "Mother of Dragons).At this time and place in history, Nestle is the culprit. Tell friends and family the ecological reasons for having made the change. Confront the Ontario government, to get back the rights sold to Nestle (or any others who would try to make purchases of land rights for the same purpose), and to forbid a similar sale. Urge the Ministry of Education to launch a school campaign to teach sustainable use of water resources, especially countering the use of bottled water and other drinks that are so packaged. Urge local schools and school boards to think of ways to impress this need for change upon students, such as putting a halt to the use of plastic water bottles on school property.Yes, a boycott might turn a head or two, on the fringes of their vast business empire, but a boycott will fizzle out, and the business will carry on as before. (Hopefully, you will continue to broadcast this issue for many weeks to come, eliciting ideas from listeners.) Who can be blamed for this enormous "take" of the water beneath Wellington, and beneathe so many other cities, counties and unpopulated lands? Each one of us, who uses this product, is very much at fault. Teach about "responsible stewardship" of natural resources, including water.We did not bail them out in support of the company ownership and share holder but rather in support of the labour force. Maybe the bailout should have come with conditions on the CEOs.GM and for that matter will go to where it is most financially beneficial. Regards Tom I totally agree with you Paul when you say that it costs the public nothing to pay for these huge salaries earned by pro sports, if you don't go to the games.Not enough bodies yet, although according to the OPP the count is 600 since 2009, when the law came into effect.

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Meal timing is also a big factor in controling weight and regaining health.

Let's begin with OURSELVES (those of us that have good tap water, and still buy plastic). Once we know the consequences, and continue in the same manner, we are GUILTY of squandering fresh water. WHAT can WE as INDIVIDUALS do to change this mindless habit? At the same time, teach about those Ontario communities that lack safe drinking water, and must truck in bottled water, asking what needs to happen so that all Ontarians have access to local, safe drinking water.

Hi Paul, I agree with you 100 on how unfit Trump is for the presidency.

Heard your misinformed comment about you thought the Chinese girl won.

Nasty to say so over the air first of all and secondly be informed on the technology.

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