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There are some universal truths about dating in college that you need to know in order to have the best experience you can. Well, for most of you, it’s your first time living away from your parents.Not only that – there’s not a single parent living in your whole dorm building.Think about how awkward it’d be to see her every morning after breaking up with her.Your freshman dorm is where you’ll meet people who you’ll be friends with for the next four years.

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The girlfriend and her friends will brand you with a reputation that might take the next four years to escape.

You’ll feel lonely and depressed more often than not.

It can also be hard to really enjoy college with a distant boyfriend or girlfriend weighing on your mind.

Maybe I feel this way because my dating life didn’t actually start until college, but I think it’s actually because the high school social bullshit falls away and people are free to like who they like – which is just as great as it sounds. College dating is different from high school dating because it comes with its own set of rules, perks, and pitfalls.

You’ll need to spend some time adjusting, since you don’t just graduate high school and know exactly what to do (that would be nice though).

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