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5) You second guess yourself and question your sanity To keep you within close reach, he will gaslight your every request.While this seems counter-intuitive, the manipulator is puppeteering you.2) You see red flags but you can’t pinpoint the problem As your narcissist becomes bored with you, his attention begins to dwindle and he searches for new supply.

While a narcissist may emotionally discard you, he will still keep you around for when supply is low.

So he may give you a glimpse of affection here and there, giving you hope that he is coming back to you.

This further declines your self-esteem, however, making you think you are only worth sub par affection.

6) You feel guilty and are always apologizing As you now second guess yourself, anything you do to repair the relationship feels like a mistake.

If your narcissist is threatened by you experimenting with a new approach, he may experience narcissistic injury, erupting into an extreme rage or placating you with deafening silence.

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