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The player can drive around this area to reach different parts of the game.

The game was released for the original Play Station in 1999 and was later made available for the Play Station 3 and Play Station Portable as part of the "PSone Classics" series on the Play Station Network store.

These are: Wumpa Fruit - When 10 wumpa fruit are collected two things will happen.

The player will get an increase in their top speed and it will modify any power-ups to make them stronger e.g. The player can collect wumpa fruit by smashing spring box crates and also pick up loose wumpa fruit scattered around the track.

Before they have a chance to start attacking each other, a giant screen lights up in front of them, an alien by the name of Nitros Oxide declares that he wants to race the best driver in this world and that if he, Nitros Oxide, wins he will turn the world into a giant parking lot.

He says that he doesn't know who the best racer in the land is so he wants everyone to race against each other and he will challenge the winner.

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Crash Team Racing features fifteen characters, eight of which are unlocked from the start and are available in Adventure mode.Red and green bottles can also be used to deflect incoming attacks.Homing Missiles - Homing missiles will lock on to the nearest racer in front when fired.A triple version of this power up is also available where the racer gets three rockets instead of one from a single pick-up.TNT and Nitro Crates - A TNT crate can be dropped behind the player's cart to obstruct other racers.

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