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May be used in conjunction with the "Leave Your Quest" Test to create The Final Temptation. If an entire society lives in one, it's a Terminally Dependent Society. The trope name comes from , where Odysseus meets a society living off narcotic plants, to the extent that anyone who eats of the lotus no longer cares about anything else, including going home.

Online bike business Velo Build offers carbon frames for sale online from as little as 9 (£226).

Often lends itself to aesops against spending all of your time in a virtual fantasy world.

In the majority of these cases, Your Mind Makes It Real.

Most of us have at some point been drawn to e Bay to trawl the listings for a frame in our size and at a price that won’t see us cast out into the doghouse for a week.

Alongside the used bikes and official bike shop listings, there are a huge number of very cheap, unbranded carbon alternatives, often from China.

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