The offline online dating site

Or even a friend – male or female – who compliments me on my beauty as a whole person.

No, “hello, beautiful” means much more to me coming from someone who appreciates all of me. If I have to tell you and you don’t take the time to discover that on your own, you can hit the road, Jack.

Finding myself alone, bored on a Saturday night, and beat down by the holidays, constantly reminded of how I’m not part of a couple to celebrate the festivities with, I saw the ad for a free trial on an online dating site. What have I learned from my most recent experience with online dating, you ask?

The idea of online dating leaves a sour taste in my mouth to begin with. ) lonely, I’d given this “new kind of dating” a try. Well, most importantly, I learned that not only was I bored, but I was trying to distract myself from feeling pathetic, with my most recent venture in “finding love” squelched when the guy chose another over me.

Also, perhaps to my horror, I discovered I am what I’m labeling as judgmental. I am answering their stupid online dating questions with more honesty, less fear that the importance I hold on sharing a faith with my “permanent mate” will be a turn-off.

Although some disappointment may be expected, if you find the other person isn’t at all what you imagined, it’s okay to move on. For instance, it’s quite possible that after months of intimate conversation, the first date reveals there just isn’t any chemistry. But given the pseudo-anonymity of online dating, it can be especially tempting to stretch the truth.But I’m not really looking for that kind of “good time.” And “hey, beautiful” or “good morning, gorgeous” just doesn’t carry the weight it should with someone I met online, someone I barely know, someone that doesn’t appreciate me for WHO I am, first and foremost.Those words mean more coming from someone whose intentions are just to get to know me and enjoy my company as opposed to picking me out of a lineup on an online dating site.A certain type of dress – revealing, low-cut shirts, short skirts, etc – will get your attention alright. And do you see “forever” with these boys – ahem, men – who take note and approach you based on these outward appearances? Don’t get me wrong, I like to try to look my best when I go out.But it’s with a much more conservative dress that I approach the world with these days. An attractive face, a boisterous laugh, inappropriate sense of humor, a desire to deepen friendships, get to know people, and try new things.

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