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From that moment on (as I found out many hours later) my floating point values from MYSQL where interpreted as integers because the Dutch locale wants a comma (,) instead of a point (.) before the decimals. I hope I can save some people the trouble of figuring this out by themselves.

Rob If you are looking for a getlocale() function simply pass 0 (zero) as the second parameter to setlocale().

Loading csv to My SQL or any delimited data files to My SQL database is a very common task frequently questioned about and almost every-time LOAD DATA INFILE come into rescue.

In this article I will explain you about all different scenarios and explain you how to get the data loaded directly from csv to My SQL database using single command. – If we have datafile to be loaded stored on client ( Not on server ), we will add LOCAL keyword as given in Syntax.

Download PDF Tutorial: Load data CSV to My SQL The Load Data Syntax: LOAD DATA [LOW_PRIORITY | CONCURRENT] [LOCAL] INFILE ‘file_name’ [REPLACE | IGNORE] INTO TABLE tbl_name [CHARACTER SET charset_name] [ [TERMINATED BY ‘string’]

Go through user comments below, you may get some specific use cases for for typical load data or csv to mysql conversion questions and probable solutions too.

(Indeed, a comatose patient is often the example given of someone who does have the capacity to consent.) Dr Weijer was generally sceptical on that front.

Partway through his discussion, I had the impression that the problem was strangely familiar.

One of the questions that arises is: Could we use this method to involve a comatose patient in decision-making regarding her own care, in cases where we were able to establish this sort of communication?

Informed consent in medical ethics is usually conceived in terms of: disclosure, capacity and voluntariness, and the most obvious question to arise in the types of cases we’re considering is whether or not you could ever know with certainty that a comatose person has the capacity to make such decisions in such a state.

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